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A Dual-Class Character

Hello all. So in relation to yesterday's post and my goal to play all of the cleric domains. My son is currently running a homebrew campaign, and he is bending the rules to allow multiclassing within the same class but different paths / domains. Now he has stipulated that we are only allowed to dual-class if we are choosing the same class and only going a different path. We are testing this out to see how it functions and what limitations or restrictions may need to be applied when doing this. So far I will admit I am enjoying it greatly. I have created a forge domain cleric who also crosses into war domain. I felt the two complement one another. I have not yet decided how many levels in each domain I will go, and currently I am only a level 5 character, but I am enjoying this build. This also allows me to test out the different domains a little faster than if I have to create a single character to play each domain. As we continue the campaign I will keep you posted on how playing this character goes and our thought process as me the player and my son the MC.

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