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A Little Background.

Hello my name is Misty. I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years. I am a partner in a new business idea, Perception. I have just recently in the past 3 years started drafting up storylines and creating homebrew campaigns as well as trying my hand at DMing. This blog will be regarding my experiences of playing the game, different characters I have played on different tables, as well as my perceptions on character building. I will also possibly be writing on occasion how things are going with my campaign writing and as a DM. I will also be talking about the new business as it progresses past just being an idea and actually becomes the store we envision. I hope that you will follow me through my turmoil and adventures and even possibly provide suggestions at times when I might be stuck, or discussing a character build that you have knowledge, experience, or just ideas about as well.

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