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Blood Hunter - 4 Paths

So the Blood Hunter is another class I have not played. It is also a class that is only found in the Critical Role information so some DM/MCs may not allow. The Blood Hunter is more in depth because you have many options as you build. However I will list some of the benefits of this class that all get no matter the path.

General Benefits:

-Hunter's Bane: Advantage on survival checks to track fey, fiends, or undead as well as Intelligent ability checks to recall information about them.

- Blood Maledict: you can invoke a blood curse the number of times equal to your level every rest. You can amplify the curse by sacrificing 1d10 Hp.

-Fighting Style

-Crimson Rite - as a bonus action you may imbue your weapon to strike for extra damage. Upon activating this rite you take 1d10 damage. The rite will last as long as you hold the weapon, fall unconscious or take a rest.

-Extra Attack

-Brand of Castigation: when you damage a creature with your crimson rite, you can choose to sear an arcane hemocraft on it. This allows you to always know the direction of the branded creature, and each time the creature hits you or another within 5ft of you, the creature suffers 8 psychic damage.

-Grim Psychometry: you have advantage on history checks to recall information about a dark past on an item or location you are currently touching.

- Dark Augmentation: your speed increases by 5ft and you get +4 when you make a strength, dex, or constitution saving throw.

- Brand of Tethering: your brand of castigation deals double damage and the creature can't take the dash action. If the creature tries to teleport or leave the current location via ability, spell, or portal it takes 4d6 psychic damage and must make a wisdom save, if it fails save then the teleport, plane shift, etc. fails.

- Hardened Soul: you have advantage on saves against charm or frightened

- Sanguine Mastery: once per turn when required to roll a hemocraft die, you can reroll the die and choose which result to use. In addition, when you score a critical hit with a weapon attack empowered by your crimson rite, you regain one expended use of blood maledict feature.

Now for the Blood Hunter Paths you may choose from:

Ghostslayer benefits:

-Rite of the Dawn: as a bonus action you may imbue your weapon to strike for extra damage.

- Curse Specialist: you gain an additional blood maledict feature. In addition your blood curse can target any creature, whether it has blood or not.

- Ethereal Step: at the start of your turn you can step into the veil between planes. This will last 4 rounds and you may use this feature 1/rest and at 15 level 2/rest.

- Brand of Sundering: when you hit a branded creature, you deal one additional hemocraft die damage and the creature cannot move through other creatures or objects.

- Rite of Revival: if you are reduced to 0 Hp but not dead outright, while a crimson rite is active, you may choose which rite you want to end and regain 1 Hp.

Lycan benefits:

-Heightened Senses: you have advantage on perception checks that rely on hearing or smell.

- Hybrid Transformation: As a bonus action you can transform into lycanthrope. While you are transformed you gain the following [1. Feral Might: gain +1 to melee damage (increases with levels), you also have advantage on strength checks and saves; 2. Resilient Hide: gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage from non-magical attacks. While not wearing heavy armor you get +1 AC; 3. Predatory Strike: you can apply crimson rite feature to your unarmed strikes and use your dex modifier instead of strength for attack and damage; 4. When you use the attack action with unarmed strike you can make a second unarmed strike as a bonus action and your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 slashing which will increase to 1d8 with levels].

- Bloodlust: if you begin with 102 or fewer Hp, you must make a wisdom saving throw of DC 8. If fail savve you move directly toward the nearest creature and attack. (If more than one possible creature choice roll randomly. If you are unable to concentrate, you auto fail this save.)

- Stalker's Prowess: your speed increases by 10ft

- Improved Predatory Strikes: your unarmed strikes now count as magical weapons. You gain +1 to attack rolls (increases with levels).

- Lycan Regeneration: at the start of your turn, before rolling for the bloodlust if you have fewer than 102 Hp you regain +5 Hp.

- Brand of the Voracious: you have advantage on wisdom saves to maintain control of your bloodlust in hybrid form. In addition, if your brand of castigation binds a foe to your hunter's thirst, you have advantage on that creature.

Mutant benefits:

- Formulas: you begin to discover alchemical formulas that alter your mental and physical abilities.

- Mutagencraft: you can create 3 mutagens per short rest.

- Mutagens: you can learn a mutagen at the same time you meet its prerequisite.

- Strange Metabolism: you gain immunity to poison damage, effects and condition.

- Brand of Axiom: any illusion disguising or making invisible of a creature ends when a creature is branded by you. If branded and the creature tries to polymorph or shape change it must make a wisdom save (DC 18) or revert to its true form and be stunned until the end of your next turn.

- Blood Curse of Corrosion: you gain this feature as a blood maledict but it does not count against your blood curses known. This blood curse wracks a creatures body with toxins.

- Exalted Mutation: as a bonus action, 4/rest, you can choose one mutagen currently in effect to flush from your system and then immediately choose a different mutagen that you know the formula for to take effect.

Profane Soul benefits:

- Otherwordly Patron: like a warlock you strike a bargain with an otherwordly being to gain extra benefits.

- Pact Magic: you get warlock spells. You cast these spells using intelligence modifier and all of your spell slots are the same level.

- Rite of Focus: while you a crimson rite active you can use your weapon as spell focus.

- Mystic Frenzy: when you cast a cantrip, you can immediately take a bonus action and make one melee attack.

- Revealed Arcana: your patron grants you a rare use of dangerous arcane spell based on your pact.

- Brand of Sapping Scar: your brand of castigation causes a branded creature to have disadvantage on saving throws against your warlock spells.

- Unseated Arcana: again depending on pact you gain another spell.

- Blood Curse of the Souleater: you gain as a blood maledict and this does not count against known blood curses. You learn to siphon the soul from your fallen prey.

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