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Hello All. So I know that it might be said that I am just giving the exact same information about the D&D classes as you can find yourselves in the books. Yes, this is true, but the information is given throughout multiple books and some people may not have access to all of the different books, or D&D Beyond, or may just not have the time to read through the different books. I am trying to put this information in one spot just so you have access to a highlighted review and if something catches your eye then you can go look into it further or discuss with you MC. This being said, while it has been a while since my last post I will resume posting the class description highlights for viewing along with my opinions as to the classes. This does take a little more time than I had predicted as well for me to do, so I do apologize that there will be time gaps in between some of these postings.

As always I do appreciate your time in reading my blog, and if I overlook something, or say something mistakenly please do not hesitate to comment and let me know.

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