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Early Characters

So my very first character to actually play was an Elf ranger. At the time, this was probably one of the best classes for me to learn with, I was able to attack and fight at a distance or up close so I got the dynamics of battle without being too squishy and I had the capability of casting once a higher level. Playing the ranger gave me diversity, and allowed me to get the feel of how to play the game. I enjoyed played Reese and learned a lot playing her. Now I will admit while Reese was a great learning experience and I am glad she was my first character, one of my favorite characters I have ever played was a Halfling rogue. Marx the Sly had to be the most fun ever for me and the most frustrating character I have ever played for a DM. My brother-in-law probably wished he killed me off so many different times. I actually miss the way 2nd Edition broke down a thieves skills and let you distribute, because it let me focus on certain aspects to where my rogue was a true Ninja. I will always love playing rogues due to my chance of playing Marx the Sly.

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