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Humble Beginnings

On this day of thanks, I plan to keep this short as I am spending time with family and friends. However, I think it is important to mention that while my D&D play was a small group of family and friends it was a tight net group that played well together and did not fuss with the DM. I do honestly believe that having a party makeup where you are comfortable with one another is better than complete strangers. When starting with complete strangers it takes a little more time to get that comfort level and figure out if the party is a good, strong, coherent party that will be able to make many adventures together. My starting party, luckily was one of these such parties. My brother-in-law was also to this date probably one of the best DMs that I have ever played a table under. This being said, please enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and I hope you and your families a great day.

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