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Old Times and New Times

I don't know about how all the games were ran back in my early days, I only know how the tables were that I played on. Most were more of a flowing story line but dungeon crawl play. We did not do a lot of role play as they do today, we did talk with each other but it was regarding strategy and what we wanted to do and how, not so much just role playing our backgrounds into the story. Things have changed and I am definitely still learning, and as I have said in other post, I like most changes and yet still miss some of the older editions ways at the same time. That is probably why my husband and I, who met how???? While playing D&D!! It is great, we have played on so many tables together as friends and now as a couple, D&D is something we both share and love. That is probably why we are working on Homebrew stories and created our own World. We have partnered with two other people and are working on starting our own business around TTRPGs. We know there are a lot of people out there that enjoy playing as much as we do, we also believe that there are probably a lot of people out there that just haven't been introduced to D&D that would enjoy it. Our business goal is to have a safe location where people can gather to play and learn how to play if they have not yet experienced the pleasure without being judged or ridiculed. A place to make friends that will last years.

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