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Rough Starting

So as I mentioned, I have been playing D&D for over 20 years. I had started looking into playing in 1990. I bought the Players Handbook and some dice and started talking to few friends to see if any would be interested. Not many were, for some reason, the game had a negative reputation so not many of my friends were interested or even knew what D&D was. It didn't help that to get the D&D books and dice you only had a few locations you could go to buy from and the selection was small. I was able to find 4 friends that were willing to give it a try. To be honest, it didn't last long, and my books were put up on a shelf and forgotten for months. In 1992, I moved in with my sister and her husband to help watch their girls during the day while my sister was going to school and my brother-in-law was working and I was taking night classes. This turned out to be such a great experience for me, because, yep you guessed it, they played D&D. My brother-in-law was DM and running games every weekend. I was able to join into their party and really learned how to play. Now yes, this was 2nd Edition so I was dealing with THACO and putting points into non-weapon proficiencies. A lot has changed between these systems, some good changes and some things I wish were still like the old system. Getting rid of THACO was a great idea. However, getting so many points per level to put into you non-weapon proficiencies was nice, it let you have a little more creativity to your character than the way the skills are done now. Anyway, this was my great big start into my D&D adventuring life.

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