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Rough Starting

So as I mentioned, I have been playing D&D for over 20 years. I had started looking into playing in 1990. I bought the Players Handbook and some dice and started talking to few friends to see if any would be interested. Not many were, for some reason, the game had a negative reputation so not many of my friends were interested or even knew what D&D was. It didn't help that to get the D&D books and dice you only had a few locations you could go to buy from and the selection was small. I was able to find 4 friends that were willing to give it a try. To be honest, it didn't last long, and my books were put up on a shelf and forgotten for months. In 1992, I moved in with my sister and her husband to help watch their girls during the day while my sister was going to school and my brother-in-law was working and I was taking night classes. This turned out to be such a great experience for me, because, yep you guessed it, they played D&D. My brother-in-law was DM and running games every weekend. I was able to join into their party and really learned how to play. Now yes, this was 2nd Edition so I was dealing with THACO and putting points into non-weapon proficiencies. A lot has changed between these systems, some good changes and some things I wish were still like the old system. Getting rid of THACO was a great idea. However, getting so many points per level to put into you non-weapon proficiencies was nice, it let you have a little more creativity to your character than the way the skills are done now. Anyway, this was my great big start into my D&D adventuring life.

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Nov 26, 2020

Having played since I was 8 years old (41 years ago) and starting in the original D&D system, I can honestly say that I do NOT miss THAC0. The newer combat methods are much easier to understand and make running and playing a combat a lot faster. I think a lot of things have changed for the better, but I miss the ability to have an organically high magic game. With the way 5e is balanced to be more magic light, I, as a DM, don't find it as intriguing. Acquiring magical items for your party and figuring out who can best use them and finding new and interesting ways to do things with them was always the the b…

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