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D&D Class Options

I have my favorite character classes that I enjoy playing better than some others. I'm sure this is probably pretty common?? There are also some classes that I still have not fully explored. I seem to lean toward the clerics or rogues. For whatever reason these two classes I find to still be very interesting and able to make me think outside of the box at times, no matter how many times I have played one or the other. It may also be that clerics seem to have probably the most arch-types (domain paths) to choose from and I still have not gotten to play all of them to full potential. This is one of my goals, to play each domain at least once. I have played a barbarian in the past and I will admit while smashing heads and kicking but can be fun, the barbarian at the time was not for me. It just didn't really hold my interest as well as some of the other classes. However, I will admit that with all the new path options that are now available they look a lot more fun than before. The fighter I have not ever really played, I have configured an NPC fighter, but it was only 6th level and played for maybe 2 sessions. So not a full experience to really say if I would like the fighter or not. I will attempt to play one at some point to test how I like it. In fact, that is another goal of mine, to play at least each class once to full level to get the knowledge of the class and figure out how I like it. I have played a ranger before, however, the ranger was nerved in my opinion from earlier editions to 5e. However, with all of the other source books, there are some nice paths that are available that make playing a ranger a possibility again for me. I to this day have created two monk characters but not played them for even a level yet, but the monk class definitely has my interest and I am looking forward to the day that I actually play one. I have played a sorcerer, and enjoyed it. I am currently playing a multiclass character that is going levels in Warlock and she is probably one of my favorite characters. Warlocks definitely have some pros and cons to them. I have not played a wizard nor have I ever played a paladin. Again, I have intentions to play these at some point, but I will admit they are probably at the bottom of the list for me. I honestly do not know why, but I do not have much interest in either of these classes. Druid, I have a spore druid that I am enjoying playing. I have also watched a lot of people playing druids on different tables and it does seem that no matter the path you choose with druid, you will probably have fun. Bard, this is a class that truly peaks my interest. I have not played a bard for any amount of time as of yet, but I do have intentions to do so as I am really intrigued by the class and the different paths. As you can tell, I have dabbled in a few of the classes and not touched some. I like to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone so I do plan to try them all. I'm sure that trying to play each class will actually help in teaching me a different life lesson in its own ways.

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