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Imagination Scattered

Hello all! So I have such a great love of the game Dungeons and Dragons. I've played for so many years now and I enjoy every chance I get to play. Now I am not a very crafty, artistic person, I wish that I was, but I am not. However, I have an imagination and I like to write. So currently I am in the process of writing eight different homebrew campaigns as well as a short story. Now my husband laughs at me for working on so many at the same time, but I have so many different ideas jump into my head at random times and have to write them down. I try to focus on one idea at a time, but when I come to point where I am blocked, then I will work on one of my other writing projects until I figure out where I want to go again with the original project. So to me having so many ideas or projects going at one time helps me with writer's block. At least this way I get to keep my imaginative juices flowing, they just have to switch gears at times from one of the stories to another. Do any of you have any D&D related projects in the works? It could be the writing of a book, or a campaign, or even just crafting different items?

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