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Negative Stigmas

So why has Dungeons & Dragons had such a negative stigma associated with it for so many years??? I honestly do not understand this negativity.

You are getting interaction with other individuals, not sitting alone or committing crimes.

You are learning to work as a team with these other individuals to form a group effort to defeat the obstacles being thrown at you, not playing a solo video game.

You are having to use your imagination and thoughts, not just going through a scenario with only one way to defeat and win like most video games.

I mean let's face it, our society has had complaints about our children just sitting and watching TV or playing video games, or even getting hurt by physical violence. At least this game is interactive, team building, and makes you use your brain.

And yes, while there is violence, it isn't like there is actually any gore other than what an imagination can create in your head. There are no real graphics of the gore.

In my opinion, and yes this is just one person's opinion, hence BLOG, D&D is a great game that you actually can learn and grow. You have to use imagination, interact and socialize, you have to add and subtract, and you are not looking at TVs or computer screens the entire time, in fact you might actually have to read some books or at least parts of books for character building. This is a game that can help a person step outside of a comfort zone all the while still having fun. I am a firm believer that this game can help a person develop coping skill that will carry over into their everyday life.

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